Mattias Finsen


Art - Audio - Poetry

Hello and wellcome


New Age and spirituality has always been about higher levels of spiritual energy and higher gods. But the fact is, that there here on earth are lower spirits as well. And they are not evil. We just think so. Where do the animals reincarnate when they pass over? I might believe that they return to the abyss. The abyss is filled with beast, and we should respect them as the true owners of this earth.

What I wish to show in these pages is mostly my creative side:

Paintings - acrylic on paper and drawings
Music - my own industrial, and other projects
Poetry and shaman writings


WHO are you
who ARE you
who are YOU

Who are we, to be the ones to destroy this earth (which we walk upon)

to Christina, I love You


If the truth can be told,

so it will be understood.

It will be believed


This earth is undergoing a change, and it is not just for humans.
Also fish, beast, bird, insect and flora are changing.
The earth itself, is wanting and making these changes

The human race, has come to a point of nearly no return of total destruction of the valuables here on earth.

Why? Is it indoctrination on a very wrong path, we receive already from our childhood? Growing up in a damaged environment and only wishing material wealth? How many people in the western world are taking drugs, medicine or alcohol to surpass the every day?

There has to be a change. And there has to be a change right now.
If we don't give up our our present path and withdraw our ideologies this earth will become very ugly.

Enjoy this site. Enjoy Your life. Try and seek other values beyond travelling, buying and expanding economic wishes.