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Virtual Exhibitions

Virtual Exhibitions was my first affair on the cloud. I worked in Adobe Flash and was quite successfull. Then the mobile platform came rolling over the world and Flash became obsolete within month.

Here are some of the ideas I had working on Virtual Exhibitions. The pictures were interactive, so a door would lead to another room, and a click on a painting would give a full view.



Random Painting

Ocean Green

You will need FLASH plugin for this experience.

Inspired by Brian Eno's speedpainting and Jesper Thorlunds randompoetry, I worked on a flashbased solution as soon as Adobe Flash supported transparent images. This is one of the best.

I made the layer-paintings and programmed the slideshow. Enjoy!

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contact information: mattias.finsen@gmail.com
Tørslevvej 4, 3630 Jægerspris, Denmark