The Movies


by Mattias Finsen


is a legacy from a job I had, where we were educating unemployed architects in AutoCad and 3D Studio. As I was meerly a network-assistant, I didn't work much with the programs. Though after a while I picked a bit up, just enough to make this little movie in 3D Studio.

Yes, the big cross is hammering down. There is not much to this video - compared to what is possible now at days. But at around the millenium this was about as hot as a novice could get. The movie took about a week to produce and then the big job with timing and fitting the sound to it - it was just fun.

It ends, as a 'we'll meet again' - at - virtual exhibitions - but this site has long been closed, due to statement under 'other'.

Fars Mad

is a family project including my two kids, Josefine and Jasper.

It was music recorded on an old Roland MC-505, and we added vocals. The chorus says: Dad's food is the best. Making a joke of it and the kids were just eating raw boiled pasta. The boy figured out to fake the eating, whereas the elder sister was rather full, when the videofilming was over.

It was around halloween we made the movie, so the props were there.

Mind The Bob

is another project.

The music is recorded on Cubase. The drums are - at that time - a Dixon set. The base line is very simple - giving a lot of room for the drums.

Movie starts with a darburka, and most of the time I'm just playing the drums. It is filmed at my studio in Jægerspris. Editing is made in Nero Vision, with some of the effects offered here.

The samples are from an old Vincent Price movie.

Curse 4men

is a bit of a spooky project.

Originally I set up the cymbal - in front of a greenscreen - in my garage, and played the chainsaw, as the first instrument. Then the bass - with a lot of reverb effect, and at last the drums. The greenscreen didn't quite work (there were too many shadows) and I ended up with the outline of the three instruments.

Making the painting was a bit of a test, as the first trial had a lot of reflections in it. I had to take it outside, and it was windy and there was some rain also. So the main idea - of having the (blue) bird dry and stay on the woodboard - didn't suceed, as I was in a pressure of time.

The samples are from a movie called 'Session Nine'. A thriller about some craftsmen coming to reset a closed down asylumn. I'd say the samples I used are from the heart of that movie.

Shine in the Dark

is movie recorded at my rehearsal room on Vesterbro - MUVE.

The band Last Lightship, as the 2016 setup was, plays 'Shine in the Dark' to a prerecorded drumtrack.

Some visual effects were added and here you are.

You can find the album on this site, under 'sound'.

Octa Yrsa

is a small project including a vintage set of Dixon wooden octabans.

At this time I am playing on a Taye Tour Pro set.